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BARBARA BOGGS SIGMUND, Former Mayor of Princeton, New Jersey, lost her eye to cancer. Wore eye patches to match her outfits. Film Director best known for his early westerns
DALE CHIHULY Artist in glass ANA de MENDOZA Princess of Eboli (Spain), who is reputed to have lost her eye in a dual at the age of 14. 1540-1592
US born journalist working for the UK Sunday Times Lost her eye in a cross fire battle while reporting.
SONIA VELASQUEZ TV host Journalist, Model
Yagyu Jubei The youngest son of Munenori's, ninja master Yagyu Jubei, is most famous in 21st century because of the myriad comic books, animation movies and feature films. Like every other legend, Yagyu Jubei still lives today precisely because he left no abundant record. Even in 1646, the year when he died according to other people, the fact wasn't verified by anything. All that is certain is that he was never seen again WILEY POST Famous aviator and close friend to Will Rogers
SAMMY DAVIS, JR., Actor and singer ANDREW VACHSS Attorney and Consultant
MOSHE DAYAN Israeli military leader & statesman SLICK RICK
Born Richard Walters in South Wimbledon, London, England, he was blinded by broken glass as an infant and took to wearing an eyepatch from an early age. He is known for being an East Coast rapper during the 19
GABRIELLE the British pop singer JAMES JOYCE
Author he was known to wear one even though he never lost an eye)
Santiago Pavlovic Bushwick Bill (Rap singer with the Ghetto Boys)
Momus is a music critic and journalist by trade, but he makes music as well, adapting the baroque formalisms of a foppish man-about-town for the purposes of irreverence. Jamey Sheridan (temporarily, during treatment for Bell's palsy) is an American actor.
Raoul Walsh was an American film director, actor, and the brother of silent screen actor George Walsh. Kid Blink (newsboy strike leader; may or may not have been blind in his left eye)
Moshe Dayan (Israeli military leader and politician) Mother Angelica is an American Roman Catholic nun and the mild-mannered alter ego of the superheroine Pirate Nun, as well as the founder of the ESVN Catholic television station.
Jan Zizka (Czech general and Hussite leader) Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov (Russian Field Marshal)
CHRISTINA LINDBERG as Madeleine or (Frigga) in They Call Her One Eye Rooster Cogburn (played by John Wayne in True Grit )
CAPTAIN FRANCESCA 'FRANKIE' COOK (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow) BIG DAN TEAGUE (O Brother, Where Art Thou? character)
JARLAXLE (Forgotten Realms dark elf rogue) XIGBAR (Kingdom Hearts II)
(Samurai Champloo character)
MADDOX (when in his Pirate picture, and his drawings)
NICK FURY (Marvel Comics superhero) STARWOLFWolf O'Donnell (Star Fox villain)
MENA Steve "Patch" Johnson (Days of our Lives)
Saito (Ghost in the Shell character) Nadine Hurley (Twin Peaks)
Gotrek Gurnisson (main character in the Gotrek and Felix novels) Hatake Kakashi (Naruto Manga)
Dalton (Chrono Trigger) Ramon (King of Fighters character)
Gippal (Final Fantasy X-2 character) Solidus Snake (Metal Gear villain)
Lily Charles from Pushing Daisies Lans Tartare (Tactics Ogre villain)
Halloween Jack (David Bowie alter ego) Col. Saul Tigh (Battlestar Galactica (2004 TV series))
Barasuisho ( Rozen Maiden TraŁmend ) Umanosuke (Samurai Champloo character)
Captain Pip Bernadette were hired when the majority of Hellsing's forces were wiped out by a ghoul attack. General Chang (played by Christopher Plummer in Star Trek VI)

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